Name: Malcolm Rhys Gunter
Full Course Title: BSc Psychology
Campus: Trefforest
Year of Study: 3rd
Hometown: Neath
Sum yourself up in one sentence: always there for those who need me.
Future Career Aspirations: Forensic Psychologist/Counselor
Likes: days out, pizza and the Simpsons
Dislikes: fish, being late and TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex)
Favourite Quote: “Take life day by day, tomorrow will get here soon enough” Nishan Panwar

A bit about Me

I’m 20, studying psychology going into my 3rd year in September 2013 in the university Of south Wales. I’m a large crime fiction fan, currently reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I try to keep fit when I can through running, swimming etc. however I do like to relax on a my days off. I enjoy going to the cinema and hanging out with friends.

5 unusual things you didn’t know about me

  1. I’m very tall (6ft. 4inches)
  2. Ive never broken a bone in my body
  3. I don’t like baked beans
  4. I have a phobia of people who are dressed up in character outfits
  5. All the men on my fathers side of the family have the same name (Malcolm)

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